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Black Jaguar Bleach Proof All Purpose Cape

Golden Bloom Shower Cap

Bathe in Opulence

Alligator Hide All Purpose Cape

Bleach, chemical, and waterproof

Spa & Bath

Do More With Betty Dain

At Betty Dain, we are firm believers that professional
attire and tools should match your dedication. Each item we design and craft is a tribute to your expertise, enabling you to pursue your passion without


For 75 years, Betty Dain has been revolutionizing the beauty industry by providing professional and at-home stylists and barbers with stylish and functional apparel. Our products are designed to inspire passion in our customers as they go about their work on a daily basis, empowering them to make their mark in the world of beauty. We want all those who wear Betty Dain pieces to experience an unparalleled level of confidence, artistry, and creativity. Our mission is to connect stylists and barbers around the world through our innovative capes, aprons and products that help advance individual craftsmanship and create beautiful works of art that bring joy and satisfaction to professionals. With this mission in mind, it's our vision at Betty Dain to be seen as leaders in the beauty industry who nurture a spirit of innovation, while also becoming an enduring part of its future. That being said, we have several brands in which we practice this philosophy. Colortrak and Barber Strong are prime examples of the successes of Betty Dain and our future growth.