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Betty Dain is excited to announce our new Capes For A Cause program! We will be donating a portion of the proceeds from every Trunks of Love Styling Cape to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. This charitable organization provides refuge for 28 elephants retired from zoos and circuses. There are currently nine elephant residents with room for more. The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee began on 110 acres and has grown to three separate and protected, natural habitats, spanning over more than 3,060 acres.

Your Donation in action - Elephant Live Cam

The Trunks of Love Styling Cape showcases abstract geometric artwork and is made of premium lightweight polyester designed specifically for superb performance in the salon.

The convenient and secure snap closure at the neck, and generous 45 x 65 inch length, ensures clients remain protected and comfortable during styling appointments.

This Styling Cape is made of water-resistant, machine washable nylon which ensures its durability.

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Ele Cams

Solar-powered cameras to locate and monitor the elephants; to provide distance learning opportunities to schools and groups around the globe; and to offer you, our friends and supporters, frequent glimpses of the elephants we are so fortunate to have in our care.

Current Residents: Sukari - Tange - Flora

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Current Resident: Sissy

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Current Residents: Minnie - Billie - Ronnie - Debbie

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