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Betty Dain is honoring the diversity of our barbering community  with a new collection of quality cutting capes.

We're calling it the International Capes Collection, and they'll be available soon in stores and online! 

Our durable, high-quality capes are inspired by the spirit of The United States, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. Each has its own story, and a unique design that commemorates the culture, passion and glory of their respective nations.

Proud Barber Capes

Boricua Styling Cape

Puerto Rico, La Isla del Encanto, has long been considered a cultural gem of the Caribbean, bringing forth some of the greatest music and art in Latin America. With this cape, we pay homage to this tiny island that has made such a tremendous impact on hispanic culture here in the United States and beyond.

Brasileiro Styling Cape

Ask and any Brasileiro will tell you, soccer is life. Home to so many of the greatest soccer players in the world, Brazil has spearheaded the sport for a century. The Brasileiro Styling Cape invokes Ordem E Progresso through the lens of the beloved. national sport, donned in the dynamic colors of the Brazilian flag. 

Dominicano Styling Cape

Few island nations have produced more exceptional baseball players than The Dominican Republic. The Dominicano Styling Cape highlights the nation's pastime in full swing! We invite you to celebrate your roots with this design, inspired by the vibrant Dominican Flag and the country's cultura of exceptional sportsmanship.

Mexicano Styling Cape

Mexican style is indisputably diverse– yet unmistakably singular. A symbol of Mexico's unique Day of the Dead festival, the striking calavera on this cape celebrates Mexico's remarkable view of life and death through the centuries. Shaped by one of the oldest civilizations on the planet, the Mexico of today continues to inspire millions in Mexico, the United States, and beyond. 

Inspired by Old Glory, The 1776 Styling Cape brings out the iconic Red, White and blue elements that have adorned our flag for centuries. Featuring timeless American symbols of freedom like the bald eagle and the Statue of Liberty, this cape is a celebration of the American Dream.

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